American Heritage
       Carriage Service

American Heritage Carriage Service LLC is owned by Jeremy and Rebekah Carter. We take great pride in our business. We both enjoy driving our horses and nothing makes us happier than to see our friends and guests having a wonderful time as they ride on our Wedding Carriage or our Country Red Wagon.

Horses have been an active part of Rebekah's life. Growing up in the Dryden/Metamora Rebekah has ridden and competed in many Equine disciplines with Dressage and Carriage  Driving being her favorites. Being a committed rider she achieved the highest level of dressage Grand Prix by the age of 21. Shortly after she fell in love with the Percheron breed, known for their "Gentle Giant" personality. Using her experience and admiration of driving since  her childhood her love quickly became a business.   

Jeremy also grew up in the country. He enjoyed riding and the love of horses. When they got married he fully submerged himself in the horse world and became a experienced and talented driver. He maintains all the business equipment keeping it in  excellent condition. Together they have enjoyed horse competitions across the Midwest.



Our horses are not just a part of the business but a large part of our family. our percheron horses will show off their massive presence and pride for all to see. we only provide the best for our clients. committed to high standards you are guaranteed to our professional service and attention to detail.